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Qigong Therapy & Instruction

Learn the ancient secrets of attaining optimum health and longevity created by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

Tai Chi Class
Qi means energy. Gong means exercise.


Qi is the basic principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Japan it is known as Ki and in India they refer to it as Prana. Regardless of where you are in the world or the universe, energy is present in all things. In Chinese Medicine Qi is the energetic component and considered to be the most important.


The Ancient healers realized that in order for us to maintain good health and vitality that our Qi needed to flow freely. They looked out into the universe and observed that we were a small cosmos within the great cosmos. We are governed by the same natural laws of the universe. If a stream of water becomes blocked the water will stagnate and eventually become polluted.


The same principal applies to the energy in our bodies. If our Qi becomes blocked we will perceive this as pain, disharmony and disease. Energy becomes blocked in our bodies by physical and emotional traumas. Through proper diet and exercise we can maintain the balance and flow of our Qi.


Qigong which is energy exercise is an excellent form of exercise to keep your Qi vital and free-flowing. Most people are familiar with Tai Chi, which actually is derived from Qigong. Both are very similar and are equally effective in their benefits. The Ancients through observations of animals and nature then created exercise forms mimicking their design and movements, out of this came thousands of forms, all of them having the same principle, move Qi to maintain health, vitality and well-being. 

Qigong is available by appointment for a Qigong Energy Session. 

Qigong classes are available by Individual Private Instruction, and for Small Groups and Retreats. 

Qigong Instruction Levels


Dynamic Qigong

Level 1: All levels welcome to attend


Seven Star Tibetan Qigong

Level: Advanced

There are many different forms-styles of Qigong. This particular Qigong Form is not printed in any books it has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. The Seven Star Tibetan Qigong is an advanced level Qigong course and is available for instruction to students that have attended the basic level Dynamic Qigong course and based on the instructor’s approval.

Individual Instruction: per hour (2 hours minimum required for first class)

Time: schedule your private Qigong instruction Monday through Saturday by appointment.


Fee: $100.00* per hour (split instruction fee available with one family member/friend). Class fees are non-refundable.


Fee: contact Ashi for more details for Small Groups: per hour/group (2 hour minimum required for first class).

*Additional travel fee may apply based on travel time/location.


Time: schedule your small group Qigong instruction Monday through Saturday by appointment. (2-3 people maximum) or at your location/business/school (3+people minimum).



Continuing Education Instruction: (see calendar or contact us for more information).

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