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Quotes To anyone out there who has aches and pains and wants the very best in advanced massage therapy, including cupping, and acupuncture call Kelly and Marco at ASHI Therapy. You will be very glad you did. I have been using their services and products for 20 years! They are amazing. Joan Berman-South Florida. Quotes
Joan Berman
Long Time Happy Client

Quotes Kelly prescribed Kia's spray for my easily anxious and aging Golden Daisy. Daisy was definitely soothed and supported by the spray. I know that it made her last year with us more comfortable. Thank you Kelly. Quotes
Kia's Kalming Mist Spray helped Daisy

Quotes Kelly, thanks so much for your knowledge and your willingness to help people take care of themselves. I love and appreciate you so much. Getting massages on a regular basis and exercising for years has saved my life!!! You are awesome. Quotes
Marion Krege
You are awesome

Quotes I had one of the best massages of my life (and I have a lot of them) from Kelly. She used her blending magic to create a massage blend, combined several techniques with her speical healing touch and I will never forget how great it was. Wish I lived closer!! Also recommend the product Hair Dew which gives a great texture and styling ability! Quotes
Highly recommend

Quotes Kelly's healing massages are just incredible. I get more range of motion, feel MUCH better. I use the A & P rub, at home, and I LOVE it! I get sore tendons a lot, and it feels like it heals them much faster than over the counter pain relievers. Quotes
Stephanie Paglen
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I would never have believed it! I can sleep through the night once again with Sweet Dreams Blend. Thank you Kelly and Marco! Quotes
Pete at the Computer Studio